Educating Domestic Helpers/Caretakers in terms of their work abilities, work knowledge & language, personal selections and screening of workers overseas, together with Employers coming to our Office for video selections after prior consultation with Employers & completion of a job description form and knowledge of Employers' requirements, will ensure good quality and able maids.


Foreign Maid's Aspect :
Upon arrival of the Foreign maid, our Company, in order to assist her to quickly get used to her working environment and elevate her working ability and quality of work as well, has specially produced the following publications :

Foreign Worker's Working & Living Need-To-Know Manual :
Simple introduction to some of Taiwan's customs and habits, family traditions & viewpoints. Reminders to maids the most common family problems that occurred and how our Company handled these issues and related Laws, in our more than 10 years experience.

Professional Baby & Child Care Manual:
The correct method of looking after a child, attitude & areas that need special attention, what to do
in case of emergency, example : scalding & burning, etc.

Caretaker's Handbook : Method & skill in general care-taking, so as to increase their ability level.

Mandarin Conversation Learning Manual : Increase the everyday language ability.

Employer's Aspect :
Employers, when faced with these Foreign Worker friends with national, cultural, and language differences, will find it difficult to avoid misunderstandings and result in friction with them. So as to prevent and lessen Employer's unnecessary misunderstandings and improve their relationships,
our Company has also published :

Foreign Worker's Living Management Need-To-Know : Hope this simple introduction will enable Employer to know and recognize some of their cultural habits and understand them. Included are some reminders & information on how to manage the Foreign maids and how to live with them, and advice on areas worth taking note.

Guidance & Information Regarding Important Laws : Provide important information regarding "Employment Services Act" governing the Employer & the Foreign Worker and related penalties
for illegal hiring, and to remind the Employer to hire the Foreign Worker legally.

Employer-Foreign Worker's Aspect :
Our professional administrative personnel and Foreign secretary are available to provide services like bridging the Employer-Employee communications gap, mental guidance, work explanation etc, thus enabling the worker to know her work and put her in the correct frame of mind in regard to her thoughts and actions. If the need arises, further on-the-job training can be arranged for the Foreign worker in Taiwan.


Our Company's fully computerized management system is fast, efficient and error-free. Our system keeps track of the Government's ever-changing Rules & Regulations and will update Employer with the latest information.


We have always maintained an earnest & cordial attitude, a responsible spirit, an absolute grasp of Employer-Employee needs and give efficient service to every customer that we have. We care for each family's needs, respect that each family has different living condition; safeguard their safety & privacy and provide our best service to ensure each family will get the most suitable maid.
We remind our Customers to rest assured and leave all the complicated procedures to our Company. Respect for our Customers is our Company's MOTTO; we only hope that you will notice our hard work & genuine care toward you and that it is always an honor to serve you.

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