Highly Manpower Consulting Co. was established in 1992 with legal License Number 0073. In order to control, and maintain the quality of our workers and the efficiency of documentations, we set up our Philippines & Indonesia Branch Offices in 1996 & 1997 respectively so as to facilitate the complete whole operation system.

Also, to strengthen our services to our Customers we have set up workers' dormitories in order to make it more convenient to manage and guide the workers. Even though our hardware is close to perfection, we still need extensive and mature experiences to be able to act as a successful bridge between the Employer and the foreign worker, so as to give them fair and reasonable guidance.

Our Company has hired Psychologists to train our personnel's in mediation methods, so as to ensure optimal Employer-Worker relationships. At the same time, we have Filipino, Indonesian, Vietnam & Thai Secretaries who are able to communicate with the workers in their mother tongue which will surely enhance the results of guiding the workers.

In order to improve our documentation efficiency and precision, we have passed the ISO Certification in 1998 and again ISO9002 in 2001.

Through our more than 20 years experience, we have successfully imported in excess of 20,000 Caretakers & Domestic Helpers and have brought satisfactory services to many families. Owing to our specialization, we have succeeded in supplying Domestic Helpers to 90 % of the Expatriate community in Taiwan, thus again proving that we have reached an international level of specialization.
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